January 29, 2008

Coming soon

What I hope to add to this site in 2008:

1. An interview with the translator Gilbert Alter-Gilbert. Gilbert has been very patient with me as I prepare for the interview (and procrastinate). We've agreed to stick to the topic of "literary history" -- this topic is inexhaustible for the two of us.

2. A bibliography of 19th century English translations of German Romanticism (a project suggested to me by Richard Sieburth in a kind note).

3. Posts about all the obscure German Romanticism I've unearthed.

4. Posts about some of my favorite authors, who I still haven't talked about here: Bataille/Blanchot (God help me if I start reading them again), William Goyen, Gerhard Reve, Cioran, Jarry, Desnos , Schwob, Char, Rosendorfer, the Strugatskis.

5. Scans of incredibly rare or cool stuff I've collected in the past few months, including Borel's Champavert.

6. Translations from the French, maybe stuff by Georges Limbour (okay, this is a long shot for 2008).

7. Posts from an English-language textbook on Hungarian authors, from 1968.

8. More scans of Corvina's Hungarian books in translation.

9. Interview with Marc Lowenthal about his old Club of Odd Volumes???

10. Completion of the Jahnn comparison. (Unless I completely abandon it until I learn German, perhaps a more sensible plan.)

11. Post about the Cape Editions series, now that I've acquired an interview with Nathaniel Tarn about his time at Cape.

12. Scans of Daumal's Le Grand Jeu.

13. Further exploration of the usual suspects: Bernhard, Caillois, Cendrars, Daumal, Jahnn, Karinthy, Michaux, Walser.

14. Atlas Printed Head scans and commentary

15. Scans of Panama

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