September 7, 2007

Black Letters Unleashed, 300 Years of 'Enthused' Writing in German


The 1989 Atlas Press book Black Letters Unleashed: 300 Years of 'Enthused' Writing in German (Atlas Anthology No. 6; Amaz link) has become way too scarce. I used to give away copies of it to friends (to paraphrase Gabriel Zaid "giving a book is like giving an obligation"). Full contents and an excerpt from the intro coming soon.

3/28/2014 update (only 7 years late), the Contents:

Malcolm Green - Foreword
Johannes Fischart - Introduction
Quirinus Kuhlmann - The Kiss of Love
Gottfried Burger - The Magnetic Mountain Range
G. C. Lichtenberg - Inventory of a Collection of Appliances
Jean Paul - The Dead Christ's Address from On High on the Non-existence of God
Novalis - The Apprentice
E. T. A. Hoffmann - Sister Monika
Franz Grillparzer - The Wild Hunter
Johann Nepomuk Nestroy - Tratschmiedl's Dream
Max Stirner -  I've Based My Affairs on Nothing
Arthur Schopenhauer - Conversation Anno 33
Friedrich Nietzsche - Letter to Jakob Burckhardt
Karl Marx - Digression on Productive Labour
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch  -  Drama-Dscheuti
Oskar Panizza - The Immaculate Conception of Popes
Stanislaw Przybyszewski - The Mass of the Dead
Franz Held - The Golden Bomb
Paul Scheerbart - The Stupid Ass
Gustav Meyrink - Just What Purpose Do White Dog Stools Actually Serve
Adolf Wolfli -  New York
Georg Heym - Sketches
Elsa Lasker-Schuler - Artists
Jakob von Hoddis - Doctor Hacker's End
Franz Jung - The Telepaths
Heinrich Schaefer - Creative Extension out of Darkness
Georg Trakl - Transmutation of the Evil One — Revelation and Decline
Erna Kroner - 2 Poems
Ferdinand Hardekopf - Winter Garden
Albert Ehrenstein - Kimargouel
Wieland Herzefelde - The Soviet Cloud
Kurt Schwitters - A Gulp for the Whole of Life — Horizontal  Story
Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando - The Masked Ball of the Genii
Alfred Doblin - Incomprehensible  Stories
Hans Henny Jahnn - Kebad Kenya
Ilse Aichinger - Ajax
Gerhard Ruhm - The Grotto
Unica Zurn - In Ambush
Paul Celan - 6 Poems from The No-One's Rose
Wolfgang Bauer - 3 Microdramas
H. C. Artmann - Lord Lister's Afternoon Letters
Imtraud Morgner - The Hotel
Christoph Meckel - Instructions to the House Guests
Gunter Brus - Jack O'Lantern
Peter Pongratz - Sunset
Oskar Pastior - 12 Poempoems
Ror Wolf - The Danger of the Great Plains
Ingomar Kieseritsky - The Fermail Method, or the Abolition of Music
Monica Tornow - Body Demons
Jean Paul Jacobs - Miss Lazybones
Gerhard Roth - Between Heaven and Earth
Heiner Muller - Description of a Picture
Gunter Brus - The Crystal Cistern
Notes, Biographies, Sources

Translators: Malcolm Green, Derk Wynand, Shaun Whiteside, James Kirkup, Max Paddison, Rosemarie Waldrop, Carl Weber

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