August 9, 2007

Julien Gracq, A Dark Stranger

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  1. I just got a copy of this & was similarly impressed by the cover - it's beautiful, and I wish there were a credit for it. An oddity: it doesn't have Gracq's name on the front or the spine; nor is his name on the case under the cover, which is odd. Another funny thing I just noticed: the spine of both the cover & the case says "The Dark Stranger", while the interior (and the front flap) says "A Dark Stranger". No date on the book that I can find - mine has a back flap that lists Gracq's books as:

    A Dark Stranger, $2.50
    The Castle of Argol (1951)

    so I presume this came out sometime before 1951?

    It would be nice if ND took Gracq's death in December as an excuse to reprint this . . .

  2. According to Amazon, Pushkin Press are republishing this in April '09.

  3. It does not appear to be a re-publication; it appears to be a new translation.

  4. Thanks for the info! I updated the post.

  5. just stumbled on the cover art in a photography book. It's Naomi Savage's "Enmeshed Man" from 1978. [Photoengraving, etched copper plate.]

  6. Eugene, this came up not long ago. The dust jacket is by (Laughlin's then-wife & in-house designer) Gertrude Huston, but Naomi Savage had a ND connection and (awesomely) appropriated the image. Check it out: