August 4, 2007

A Journey Round My Skull

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  1. I haven't run across that many books printed by Corvina, although they're admittedly the only Hungarian publisher I'm familiar with. They do some art history, and some English-language books. My impression on my visits to Budapest was that while the Hungarians appear to be avid readers (or at least have amazing bookstores), they apparently feel little need to make their art and literature available to the non-Hungarian-reading world.

    I see they use the heraldic crow-with ring from Matthias Corvinus (like someone else we know). I hadn't noticed that before.

  2. It's not a crow, it's a magpie! And it's Australian. The fact that it was birthed as a medieval Hungarian blazon does not detract from this fact.

  3. I recant, you're right, it's a magpie. I was misled by the fact that Corvina/Corvinus means crow. You are an Australian magpie (not to be confused with the magpies to be seen in the Czech Republic). What Linnaean classification do you go by?

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