January 3, 2011


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  1. I usually catch your blog updates through The Rumpus, but just wanted to go back to the source to share this find, a biography of "BEN" as transalted by Google:

    Benjamin Guittonneau alias Ben (1908-1966) is a French cartoonist and pamphleteer. It passes through the fine arts of Angers and Paris, finds himself an artist by chance and works in the sporting press. Bitter satirist to infectiously energetic, far-right political cartoonist, activist Action French. Friend Jacques Perret, it illustrates the works of Michel Perrin, Claude Hisard and Voltaire. It reveals a surprising pamphleteer writing under the pseudonym Arouet “Journey into the absurd” and “Life of Morez Loony” (one of De Gaulle and the other on Thor). In 1959, a number of “Rivarol” published “Back to Absurd” which won him a sensational trial, which he paid out. He also performs on stage.

  2. Thanks man. Already looking up his other work and will probably start with "Voyage en absurdie."