November 22, 2009

The Apocalyptic Longing

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  1. Wow, superb essay, & the companion paintings are beautifully terrifying. The Colors are intensely expressive. This post is going in my, "best of ajourneyroundmyskull folder" in my head. Thanks.

  2. ...THEN there was Robert Frost who suggested that the world may end in fire..OR IN ICE...

    My own thought dwells upon the fact that we human beings need comfort ourselves in our insecurity by proclaiming that the end comes in some cataclysmic event....(much in the same way, in my opinion, that we need think there is an afterlife...) if nature will mourn our passing....

    What if the end is more like the dodo...or some less lamented species...that simply lay down it's head...not even knowing the end of it's people...simply folding up into silence and weeds in a vacant lot..with the coming of the frost...

  3. wouldn't the apocalyptic vision of our present day epoch be the cataclysm associated with global warming (global destruction by man made hurricaine, flood, drought, heat waves etc..) or perhaps by nuclear war? I think the collective worldview amounts to a mechanistic and scientific perception, which is rife with visions of the apocalypse, as well as innumerable other fantastic imagery such as the big bang, the invisible hand of economics, or the sentient computer singularity hypothesis. Is it myth or reality? Either way, the end is always near.

  4. wow, i'm just shocked. they're amazing. thanks for posting this kinda stuff dudu, great work.