October 22, 2008

Victor Hugo, Shadows of a Hand

victor hugo drawing
Victor Hugo, Marine Terrace with initials, 1855

Victor Hugo, Abstract composition (monstrous animal), ca. 1856

Victor Hugo, 'Planet' taches, ca. 1853-55

victor hugo, the cellist
Victor Hugo, The cellist, ca. 1856

As promised, here some more of Hugo's drawings. I hadn't realized Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings of Victor Hugo was still available (reasonably priced too!) from the Drawing Center, so do yourself a favor and buy it before it's gone. Click on the image below to go to the Drawing Center site.


--The Octopus Bearing the Initials V.H.
--Luc Sante, Victor Hugo, Andre Breton (scroll past Jules Renard [but actually, don't scroll past him])

Coming next:
--Three-Way Rorschach Test (Victor Hugo, Hans Christian Andersen, and Bruce Conner)

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  1. The Modern Library Classics edition of Hugo's Toilers of the Sea includes 5 of these drawings. They are incredible.