February 10, 2008

Jim Tully and S. J. Perelman

Here are two personal recommendations from Ian Nagoski. Check out some of the records he sells at the record store he co-owns in Baltimore, The True Vine. He's recently been traveling around talking about his collection of 78s, promoting his compilation on Dust-to-Digital, Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Music (see my post and learn more at the label's site). Ian also sells some books at his shop, as I clearly remember buying Harry Mathews' masturbation masterpiece Singular Pleasures there.

Ian has handed me various books and records in the ten years or so I've known him.

1. Circus Parade by Jim Tully (copyright 1927; this edition 1932 Continental Books Inc, with illustrations by William Gropper).

2. Crazy Like a Fox by S. J. Perelman.

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