February 3, 2012

Prosper's Caricatures

Three caricatures by the writer Prosper Mérimée (France, 1803-1870)

I came to the Walters Art Museum through the Scout Report through BibliOdyssey's tweet

"This caricature may allude to the 'Seven-League Boots,' which enable the wearer to take enormous strides as in 'Le Petit Pouchet (Hop o' My Thumb),' a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault (1628-1703)."

"A bizarre actor appears in a tutu, a female ballet costume."

"This caricature shows a fancifully attired soldier wearing a plumed bicorn hat."


  1. He also did this one of himself in jail (doing time for defending the notorious book thief Guglielmo Libri - a movie about this colorful character would be so entertaining).

  2. Wow, I found your blog by mere chance, looking for some Leon Bloy images. I love it, I'll be back.