December 1, 2010

Catalonian Book Fetishists

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  1. fantastic! and thanks for the links,i X rated one [i'm predictable,i know;]
    btw,i noticed your waliszewska post yesterday,she's on tumblr as well

  2. Thank you! It has been fantastic and even the set is a good retrospective very interesting.

    However, here are pictures of various people that make up the Galeria d'Imatges as Carles Hernand0, Leblansky and Mironet du Bois.

    Also every Saturday we hang a virtual gift, for which you have chosen one of Mexico's Marco Fabrizio, Miquel ... and many others.

  3. billy, their x-rated sites rival losfeld's (French Book Covers, etc.) for quality and quantity. (Note to self: do an overview of losfeld's sites.)

    Galderich, thanks again. I added your pal's names to the post, let me know if they have individual websites (couldn't find them). Oh, I will add Marco Fabrizio too -- I had spent time at his site, linked to in the 'La Marimba' post. You folks were overloading my brain with such high-quality, unknown-to-me imagery.