August 2, 2010

But Dood Runs Faster - Dutch Detective Covers

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  1. Great selection as ever. The Asimov cover is amazing.

  2. i absolutely adore the icons on the right hand side of your blog.
    they're lovely, where did you find them?
    i did anatomy for about half the first year of my art course, and studied vaious artists approaches to it so i'd actually seen one of the images in your anatomy post before. not the others though, but i wish i had, they would have been very useful and inspiring.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  3. Thanks Tom, the Asimov is definitely a favorite. Some day I hope to devote a post to Eppo Doeve (a name which makes me think only of the Soft Boys' Leppo and the Jooves).

    Ellen, the icons are just links to older posts -- if you hover your pointer over each one you'll see a bit of explanatory text.

  4. Excellent covers as art...loved em

  5. Hey, loved seeing all these wonderful covers, Cheers