December 7, 2009

Notre Temps

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  1. In the GDR, Masereels woodcuts illustrated a lot of chapters in history school books. Was always much more interesting than the boring texts about how communist party people saved the world.

  2. You should see work by excellent Czech artist Josef Vachal. Im sure you'll find something about him on google. One of the forgotten artists. And thank you for Jiří Trnka, I'm Czech, grew up with Trnkas work and it makes me feel very happy and proud that someone shows to the world this hiddn treasures of my country-culture. He is a legend in my country.

  3. have you ever seen an american book of woodcuts called 'vertigo?'
    its a story told by woodcuts of the great depression. i found it randomly about 10 yrs ago in a library on the island of st.thomas. i don't think i ever wrote the author/artists name down. you never know. great great blog btw