April 6, 2009

Ex Libris Dr. (Von) Robert

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  1. That last one reminds me of a Jim Woodring cartoon.

    By the way, you list the date of that one as 1910, but isn't that a "1930" (maybe '38'?) in the bottom right corner?

  2. Thanks Cy (also for your help looking for the illustrator).

    "Gekrönter Penis auf Blumen spuckend" is listed as 1910 on the German site, which must be a typo. I changed it to 1930. I need to buy this one!

  3. That last one is indeed rather unexpected, although not really in bookplate-land. (I'm sure you saw the Josef Váchal examples I scanned.) Anyhow, I was going to say that the Památník národního písemníctví in Prague (PNP) has a huge bookplate collection and does exhibitions at least once a year, though I'm not sure how much is online given that they've been changing their website around and I don't know how to find anything anymore. Or if they ever posted the bookplates online.

  4. Incidentally, I think we can identify the B. Beneš for whom Koblíha did the one example as being the Czech bibliophile Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan. A couple of friends and I have been investigating him lately re a different ex libris. I'll let you know when we make the results public.

    Koblíha would make a good post topic in himself sometime.