January 22, 2009

Antonio Rubino

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  1. Great images, as usual

    (a translation of what reads under the strange image of the girl covered with bugs, if thet's the one you meant, would go: "the children were worried about not having fancy clothes to wear, but big spiders and silkworms improvised two capes for them")

  2. Thanks Atenea!

    Silkworms, of course. (Late at night, my brain was coming up with some terrifying explanations.)

  3. sorta like harry clarke meets walt disney

  4. After being intrigued by a few very psychedelic drawings by Rubino in an book on Art Nouveau illustration, I started looking for more information... and unsurprisingly the road led me back to this enchanted garden. I should've known you knew!
    BTW, have you seen his black and white 1911 illustrations featuring fields of mushrooms, tripping elves and floating eyeballs? Far out man!

  5. Laura, tell me what you found! I haven't seen those.

    Being reminded of this post reminds me I need to more thoroughly explore Coconino.