November 25, 2008

Paul Rand, Anti-War, Pro-Typography

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  1. I love that anti-war poster. I think I might need to broaden my Rand collection and start searching out some posters in addition to his book covers. Great post (and thanks for the plug)!

  2. Thanks Scott.

    As I finished reading your comment, I looked down at the book I was unwrapping, and of course it is Paul Rand: A Designer's Art. It's got a full-bleed version of the "egg" poster.

    It's only about 237 pages, and because it is out of print the price is going up, but it looks like an essential purchase for you. It includes many full-color illustrations and Rand's essays on design.

    I also noticed a book about Rand by Steven (Stephen?) Heller which is currently in print and may replace or exceed this book.