August 23, 2008

Source, Music of the Avant Garde

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  1. oh talk about torture, i have all the issues published, except #1... but OUCH, those prices are totally nuts, they regularly sell for $150 - $300, but they are rare, and the ones with the records in them are amazing. i posted a few things on airforms, but i should dig them out and post more, they are total eye candy. have you seen the ASPEN magazines? they're also wonderful with small artist editions, flexi discs, and great printed things. i think ubu has the visuals of those online as well.

  2. I'll definitely go through your archives to see those images. Please do add more!

    I've looked at Aspen archives at ubu, but need to revisit them more thoroughly. This score by Terry Riley is one of my favorite images.

  3. The burning piano is from/by Anna (later Annea) Lockwood, some of whose music can be found here:

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  5. I have issue 7/8, the combo issue. The condition is good with some wear or browning on the edges, except for a large oil stain on the cover of issue 7.

    Otherwise, the inside is excellent, the spiral binding is perfect with no tears, the orginal advertising supplement is still inserted. The records -- two -- are not only intact, but mint. I have played each one once only and no one has before me.

    Their sleeves, like all the material between the covers, is in excellent condition - no tears, no stains, no marks.

    There are no missing pages.

    The drawback is the oil stain on the cover, and otherwise the normal wear on the cover and the slight browning of edges.

    It is for sale at janiecalling at

  6. Hello,

    I have issue #1 plus 6 others.

    All are in excellent condition.

    Just acquired them from the wife of a famous jazz musician in Los Angeles.

    If anyone is interested you can contact me at sn930t at