August 28, 2008

Index for Daumal's Night of Serious Drinking

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  1. Ooo. Novel with index. I didn't know about that one. In library school I wrote a paper on novels with indexes. It's not very good but still available online, the last link on this page:

  2. Nice, thanks for pointing out your paper Derik.

    I think I need to try my hand at indexing a work of fiction. Maybe Jakob von Gunten, since I can get some tips from Helen Mirra!

  3. The paper reminds me that I ought to read Harry Mathews.
    This 'novel' of sorts (also in pdf) also has an index:

  4. I am reminded of Pliny.

  5. Wow, ctorre -- keep leaving comments, please.

    I'm going to read Pliny immediately:

    "Showers of milk, blood, flesh, iron, wool, bricks. Portents. Stones falling from the sky - Anaxagoras as to."

    Georgy, your sites are incredible, keep it up!

    Derik, thanks for the index paper. My index shopping list is almost complete.

  6. I didn't mean to spur on any further book purchasing gluttony! Some of those books in my paper are not very good to actually, you know, read.