July 8, 2008

E. M. Cioran lives in another world

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  1. Great post! Every Cioran aphorism I come across is devastating... but I've never read a full book--what's a good one one to start with? I just (rather than do the work I should be doing) ordered THE TEMPTATION TO EXIST. And: how are the other interviews in this one?

  2. Haven't read the other interviews yet (though I've had the book since the 90s...I'm a slow reader).

    Wait, I just flipped through and realize I've read the Ionesco interview. I always think about Ionesco saying to Weiss, "So you have a sense of the sacred." And I wonder if I have that sense.

    My favorites by Cioran are "A Short History of Decay," "The Fall into Time," and "Anathemas and Admirations" (in this one he discusses Michaux and Caillois among other writers and ideas).

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  4. there is a biography also, read it last year, it's excellent: