May 31, 2008

YETI magazine

[Cartoon Yeti logo by Frank Lantz -- I created the above image by scanning the spines of Yeti]

Mike McGonigal's Yeti magazine has been around since 2000 or 2001. Its tagline is "Enthused art, music, writing & other stuff."

You may remember Mike from such features as Chemical Imbalance (on this site, he says "My 33 1/3 book on 'Loveless' is recently published, next I'm editing a collection of my old 'zine 'Chemical Imbalance' and preparing a book on sanctified blues"). Yeti is also publishing books, such as Luc Sante's collection Kill All Your Darlings, co-published with Verse Chorus (also responsible for the Cannanes' David Nichols' great Go-Betweens book).

Yeti became my favorite magazine by including a piece on Robert Walser in the first issue, along with features like this spread of "tattoo ideas" by Swiss-born artist Felix Valloton (1865 - 1925):

Yeti secured my undying devotion with this "Coming Soon" page:

Yeti is currently offering reprints of the early issues, a nice service to mankind. Buy them now.

Here are scans of the handsome covers of each issue.

Yeti #1, cover art by Michael Kupperman.

Yeti #2, cover art by Jordan Crane.

Yeti #3, cover art by Jason Miles:

Yeti #4, cover art by Julianna Bright:

Yeti #5, cover art by Saul Chernick:

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